Here at Lyrics Garage, we help artists get their music out there and release different albums. Here are a few of the albums that we have recently released for our most popular jazz artists.

We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas – Tamara Swanson

The holiday season would not be complete without the sounds of Christmas carols. But Ms. Swanson takes traditional holiday sounds to a new level with her soulful rendition of holiday classics. If you are looking for a jazzy twist on some of your favorite Christmas sounds, or are just looking for some new music to play while you trim the tree and decorate your house, be sure to check out this album.

The Long Road – Charles Lindt

The Long Road is Charles Lindt’s first studio album release. He picked the name because he felt like this has been a long journey to get where he is at, and he still has a long road ahead to get to where he is going. The album features many upbeat, jazzy songs, but there are a few slower numbers that really make you stop and listen. If you love music that tells a story and want to hear the story of life and struggles, this is the album for you.

All That Glitters and Shines- Olivia Davies

All That Glitters and Shines is Olivia Davies third studio release, but her first here with us. This talented musician wrote all of the songs for this album. Mrs. Davies recently got married and had a baby within two years. All of the love that she felt became inspiration for all of her songs. Fall in love with her heartfelt songs today.

The Train Goes North – Jack Evans

Jack Evans may be young but he is certainly experienced. This is his second studio release here with us. Jacks’s songs will instantly transform you from wherever you are at and make you feel just like you are sitting in a jazz club listening to him on stage. If you want music that takes you away and completely transforms your surroundings, be sure to listen to his music.

Lyrics Garage is proud to be always evolving and changing. As such, we invite you to check back often to read bios on new artists we signed and to be on the lookout for new albums that are coming out later this year. We cannot wait to continue introducing you to new artists and bringing the best jazz music around.