Lyrics Garage is a company that is based in London, United Kingdom with a focus on jazz artists and jazz music. We love to find artists and bring them to you, so everyone can enjoy their music as much as we do. Here is a bit more information about who we are and why we do what we do.

The owner of Lyrics Garage is James Swanson. James has a long history in the entertainment business. One of his first ventures was into online casinos. He helped to create and market Betsafe and Nordicbet. He poured his heart into those websites, turning them from unknown sites into some of the hottest in the online casino world. But he felt that there was so much more for him out there. So he got some offers and eventually sold Betsafe and Nordicbet to Betsson Group for a huge amount of money.

James Swanson’s next foray into the entertainment world came about a year later. After selling his online casinos, he took time off to travel and explore the world. But he needed something that stimulated him, so he decided to purchase a few nightclubs and restaurants around the London. He loves music and wanted to make his clubs and restaurants have a live music niche to them. After doing his research, he decided jazz was where he wanted to focus. He started letting local jazz artists play in his clubs and restaurants, helping both the artists and his patrons who loved the music.

At this point in his life, James ran into Tamara Swanson, an up and coming jazz artists. He was instantly memorized. They dated for a few years and he eventually put a ring on it and they got married in 2012. But it was at this point that he started to get more into the music scene. You see, he couldn’t figure out why someone as amazingly talented as his wife couldn’t get signed to a recording deal. Then he figured out there were few labels that signed jazz artists. He decided to change this.

James Swanson founded Northern Hidden Treasures in 2013, which was his first business signing jazz artists and giving them a recording contract. That business grew a little, but never became a huge success. James wanted to revamp and try something new, so he gutted the first company and decided to start fresh with Lyrics Garage. Lyrics Garage has grown significantly and is now an amazing resources for local jazz artists. The company helps local jazz artists find venues to perform, signs them to recording contracts and helps them put their music out so they can become more mainstream.

Right now, James and Tamara Swanson are busy helping their business to expand and helping jazz musicians. In the future, they hope to start a family and introduce their little ones to their love of jazz music.