Since our company is focusing on producing jazz music, many companies are requesting a collaboration with us. Normally we don’t choose to collaborate, because we don’t believe that our music would fit other industries besides jazz and music. On the other hand, the music and entertainment industry are very similar and the music in both industries can also be used for different purposes. Probably one year ago, a gambling related company from the Netherlands, called Beste Blackjack Games, reached out to us in order to discuss some of our services and possibilities. They requested us to produce customized jazz music which they could use in some of their live casino games. James denied this request immediately, since he didn’t wanted to be associate with this kind industry. A year went on and things started to change for him and Tamara. More competition started to grow around them and suddenly the city of London was filled with a lot of new jazz record labels.

We at Lyrics Garage had to change our way of handling business, we had to find something unique in order to stand out from the rest. Then all of a sudden, James recalled the earlier conversation with the CEO of Beste Blackjack Games. He reached out to the company, hoping that they were still looking for record labels to work with. Thankfully, the CEO was very happy to hear from James and suggested a meeting in order to discuss further details. Beste Blackjack Games is offering a big portfolio of live casino games on their online platform, most of them are based on the traditional blackjack card game. They were looking for ways to improve their online casino experience by creating a platform with the feeling of a land-based casino. The CEO believed that implementing jazz music would increase the concept of a real casino and that is why they were looking for a record company like us, capable of producing customized jazz music.

Lyrics Garage convinced the artists Olivia Davies and Jack Evans to produce new music for this online platform and we already started with the writing process. This style of jazz will be very relaxing and comfortable at the same time. The music should be calm, easy to listen to, peaceful and certainly not distracting. Especially for online gamblers it is important not to lose any focus while playing a game for real money. The delivery date of our first production will be by the end of february. Since were are still in the first phase, the entire project will take some time to develop. After writing the music, we will immediately start with the production of music that will be fit the genre of online gambling. When this production phase is finished, we will start recording the songs together with Olivia and Jack!

We are very looking forward to our first casino related project. Hopefully we can show the rest of London what we’re capable of as a jazz record label. If this project turns out to be a success, we will continue working with Beste Blackjack Games and maybe some other online casinos in the future.