Hello and thank you for visiting Lyrics, Garage. Lyrics Garage is a music company that is up and coming. Please let us tell you more about our business!

Who We Are
Our company is owned by James Swanson. James has a long history in the entertainment business. He first got started in the industry by creating online casinos companies casumo no deposit code, mr green online casino and for the casino spiele kostenlos oranjecasino no deposit bonus is the best choice. After they became popular, he decided to cash out and sold those to the publicly listed company, the Betsson Group that offers fun games like starburst, Mega fortune and many more. You can ask yourself the question, welche spielen geben freispiele? Moreover, he worked on creating trading platforms at 24 option as he always had a passion for beleggen, meaning online trading.

James then took that money and bought several nightclubs and restaurant around London. He was looking for some entertainment and fell even more in love with Jazz music than he had in the past. He started to let jazz artists perform in his clubs and restaurants. It was there that he met his wife, Tamara Swanson, an up and coming Jazz artist herself. This led him to found Northern Hidden Treasures in 2012, which was his first foray into finding and signing Jazz artists. That business grew and evolved and eventually turned into Lyrics Garage.

What We Do

We are a company that is based in London, United Kingdom and is focusing on jazz artists. We do many things to help make their dreams come a reality. First we help to find local talents. We are able to find amazing talent though our restaurants and nightclubs. Next, we put this talent on display. We may think the artist is incredible, but we want to see what the public thinks. We give them a stage and an audience at one of restaurants or nightclubs and we let them go to work. We see how the crowd reacts and if they obtain a following. From there, we take the most popular artists and we sign them to a recording contract.

Once we have signed an artist, we work with them to cut a jazz record. We then distribute the jazz record, all while still allowing the artist to play in our venues. When the artist outgrows our venues, we help them to find larger ones that are still a good fit for them musically and creatively.

How We Can Help You

If you are visiting Lyrics Garage, you are likely looking for one of two things. You may be looking to become one of our artists or you may be looking to book one of our artists.

If you are looking to become one of our artists, please send up video of you performing. This can be shot from a cell phone and does not have to be professional. We just want to hear your style and sound. Alternatively, we have open audition days where we invite you to come out and audition for us. We obtain most of our new talent this way. Be sure to check our calendar to find out where any upcoming dates are.

If you are looking to book talent, be sure to send us an email with as much information as possible, including possible dates, what type of talent you are looking for, what type of event you are putting on and pictures or video of your venue, including the stage set up. We would love to work with you to obtain exposure for both our new artists and our established ones.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Lyrics Garage and we hope you find everything you need on our webpage. If you have any questions, please be sure to hit the contact us button on the webpage to drop us an email.